I’m Jason Winters, a certified integrative nutrition coach!

I’ve dedicated my mission to helping people lose weight and keep it off, heal from chronic illness, and enjoy a healthier, more energized life!

From the time I was a child, I struggled with my weight. I was an overweight child who grew into an overweight adult. I suffered from low self-esteem, I was unhappy, and I wanted nothing more than to lose the weight and feel good about myself and my health.

I tried every diet I could find – from shakes to pills to fasts, and everything in between. Sometimes, I’d lose a few pounds, but they’d come back, and they’d bring friends with them. I took comfort in food when I got down, and of course, I’d feel guilty after eating. It was a hard cycle to be in, but I didn’t know how to break it. When my health started to suffer due to my weight, I knew I needed to make a serious change in my outlook, habits, and lifestyle.

Then everything shifted.

I discovered that the secret to weight loss wasn’t really a secret at all!  It was to take a whole body/mind approach to my health and wellness.  By understanding that my weight struggles were rooted in emotional eating, stress, and sugar addiction, I could overcome those roadblocks.  By nourishing my body with clean, whole foods, kicking sugar, and supporting my health naturally, including using essential oils, I could lose weight and not feel hungry or deprived.  By using essential oils to support cleansing, emotional balancing, and naturally calming my cravings, I was able to succeed!  These lifestyle changes helped me to lose fifty pounds, keep those pounds off, and live a happier, healthier, more energized life. Dropping the pounds felt amazing – but over the years I released more than just extra weight, I let go of YEARS of stress.

I discovered that my mission and purpose is to bring health and wellness to more people.  I don’t want anyone to feel they can’t lose weight and keep it off because I know it’s possible!  I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped countless men and women reach their goals.  Through emotional support, understanding how to nourish the body, and guiding you on how to successfully use essential oils to support and promote health, you can live the healthy life you desire!

I’m Alexis Winters!

While I’ve been specializing in hair and beauty since 1995, I started a journey focusing on healthy haircare in 2003 and embraced a natural lifestyle as a Naturalista in 2009.  Over the decades, I’ve coached and worked with countless women to help them with technique and style, in addition to helping them understand the best products and tools to use for radiant, healthy skin and hair!

I truly believe a natural path is best for both health and beauty.  Too many women not only struggle with dry skin, brittle hair, and blemishes, but serious, chronic health problems are increasingly common. Even my own dear family suffers from chronic asthma!  I believe the toxicity of our environment and the chemicals in food, health care products, and beauty products are to blame for damaging our health, our beauty, and our overall wellness.  When we aren’t healthy on the inside, we can’t look our best on the outside.  

I also understand that everything is connected.  When we are stressed, fatigued, and struggling with emotional pain, it drastically harms our health and wellness.  My purpose and passion in life is to help others (like you) transform and feel beautiful both on the inside and the outside.  


This is why I love to share my knowledge of essential oils with people.  Whether I’m working with someone struggling with dry, blemished skin, damaged, brittle hair, or underlying concerns like stress, fatigue, and chronic symptoms, the right essential oil can help support and promote thriving health, both emotionally and physically

I want to reach out to more women to help them feel and look their best.  Whether that is by teaching women how to treat their hair to encourage growth and prevent breakage or through a skin and makeup regimen that includes supporting radiance using essential oils, I want to help you reach your natural beauty goals so you can feel confident and beautiful on the inside and out!

For years, we have worked separately – Jason helping people shed weight and achieve total body health; Alexis helping women discover and accentuate their inner and outer beauty with natural hair and skin treatments and styles.  We both use similar principles in coaching others – clean living, natural products, and supporting our goals with pure, fragrant essential oils.  

While we are quite the team in our personal lives, serving God and loving each other, we served our clients separately.  We realized (probably much later than we should have!!) that when we join forces together we can bring a natural, healthier way to achieve health AND beauty in one location!  Our marriage is thriving, joyful, and blissful, and we want to “marry” our successful careers to create a strong, thriving business to bring natural essential oils to not just our current clients, but to as many people as we can.  

If you are ready to embrace a life free of chemicals and toxicity…

If you are seeking renewal, revitalization, and erasing years of damage…

If you are desiring to lose weight, feel supported emotionally, and live your best life…


Work with us to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils and your health goals!