Essential oils are EVERYWHERE these days, and you probably have at least a few people in your Facebook feed talking about how using oils has changed their life in incredible ways!  If you aren’t familiar with essential oils, you’re probably curious about them – what they are, what they do, and how to use them – and that curiosity has led you here.  


So, let us tell you all about the power of essential oils.

We hope to share our information and love of oils with you and open you up to the many benefits they can offer to your overall health and wellness!

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are the natural oils found in plants and flowers and are often what give them their unique fragrance and aroma.  They are often extracted through steam distillation or cold-pressing and are highly concentrated.  


Not only do essential oils have powerful fragrances, each oil contains different properties and can promote different aspects of wellness.  For thousands of years, oils have had an amazing variety of uses:

  • Spiritual awakening
  • Emotional healing
  • Natural beauty regimen
  • Promoting physical health and wellness
  • Supporting and boosting immune health
  • Purifying and cleansing the air and environment and more…

Did you know pure plant extracts were this powerful?  They provide so many benefits without having any dangerous chemicals, leaving toxic residues, or creating negative side effects!  

Are essential oils safe?

It’s important to only use pure, high-quality essential oils that don’t contain toxins or dangerous chemicals.  That’s why we love Young Living oils, as they don’t use any fillers, and they work directly with family farms to source the highest quality plants to distill their oils.  You can definitely tell the quality and purity of their products!

It’s also very important to follow the guidelines to each oil.  Because Young Living oils are pure and therapeutic-grade, they’re very potent, so it’s necessary to follow the recommendations that accompany them.  When used correctly, either diffusing, or topically, they are not only incredibly safe, they can provide an amazing array of benefits

How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils are often inhaled through aromatic diffusion, absorbed through the skin, or taken internally.  Each oil has different effects, so some oils are more effective when distilled, while others are more effective when massaged into the skin diluted with an organic carrier oil (such as coconut or almond oil).  Many oils can be ingested to promote cleansing, boost metabolism, and support immune health, in addition to countless other benefits.  

Diffusing fragrant oils can promote tranquility, uplift the spirit, or give you a natural boost of energy, depending on the oil you choose.  For example, diffusing Lavender oil can promote a sense of calm and support deep, restful sleep.  On the other hand, diffusing Orange oil fosters an uplifted spirit and emotional balance!  

Topically applying essential oils is incredibly popular and is one of our favorite ways to enjoy them.  Whether you are seeking a healing massage by adding Peppermint Oil to your favorite massage oil or you are looking to promote healthier skin with Tea Tree oil, you will be amazed at all of the ways essential oils can be used topically!  Depending on the oil you choose, you can use them in beauty regimens, applied to the feet or temples to support health, or even added to bathwater for a spa-like experience.  


Taking oils internally can be an incredible way to boost and support your health.  However, it is so important to know the difference between oils that are safe to ingest, and those that should only be diffused or used topically.  We love the Vitality ™ line by Young Living that makes it easy to know what is safe to use to prepare our favorite drinks, smoothies, and more!  Even better, they are still therapeutic-grade, pure oils!  Ingesting certain oils have benefits that include boosting the metabolism, promoting healthy weight management, and supporting digestion and immune health!

Are you ready to dive in and learn more?

If you’re ready to ditch the chemicals and toxins and enjoy a cleaner, natural life, we want to invite you to learn more about essential oils!  Embrace a natural lifestyle and ditch the chemicals and toxins, and learn how essential oils can create a healthier home and promote physical and emotional wellness!  Whether you are looking to lose weight, enhance your beauty, reduce stress, or feel more radiant and vibrant, essential oils can be an amazing resource to meet your health and wellness goals!

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