We’re "The Oils"

Welcome to our corner of the online world where you can find everything you need for natural beauty, health, wellness, and of course – OILS!

We are Jason and Alexis Winters – married to each other and married to our mission to transform lives using the incredible power of essential oils.

We’ve spent years helping others lose weight and reclaim total body health (Jason) and embrace natural hair and beauty (Alexis)! We are so excited to join forces in business to help you enjoy a more natural, healthier, happier life!

Get Ready to Embrace
A New Way of Life!

Have you been struggling to shed weight and ditch belly bloat?

Are you tired of trying every fad diet and weight loss plan and not having any success?

Do cravings and emotional eating cause you to sabotage your weight loss goals?

Do you suffer from fatigue, aching joints and muscles, and digestive problems day in and day out?

That’s where I come in – I’m Jason,
Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach.

More About Me

Get Ready to Embrace
A New Way of Life!

Have you spent years using chemical and heat treatments and are left with brittle, damaged hair?

Do you want to have healthier, more radiant skin and hair without the use of chemicals and toxins?

Are you wanting to enjoy natural beauty products but aren’t sure what is best?

And… this is where I come in – I’m Alexis!
Natural Beauty Coach

More About Me

Jason Winters

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach.

I can help you lose the weight, keep it off, reclaim your health, and love your life! Instead of fad diets that leave you feeling irritable, hungry, and exhausted, I can guide you to long lasting weight loss safely, naturally, and effectively! For years, I’ve had a successful health coaching career helping to transform the lives of men and women around the world, and now I’m ready to bring a healthier life to you!

  • Imagine living a life filled with vibrant energy and thriving health!
  • Imagine feeling confident in your body and not hiding under baggy, drab clothes!
  • Imagine having a natural, effective way to combat cravings, stress eating, and the emotional pain of food and sugar addiction!
  • Imagine saying goodbye to the chronic illness, the aches and pains, and the digestive problems that are holding you back from your best life!

If you are seeking a natural way to boost your metabolism, overcome cravings, and achieve balance in your body, I can guide you and help you find long lasting solutions. I know and understand the importance of setting goals to help you track your progress, keep you accountable, and provide solutions to overcoming obstacles along your health journey. By working with me, you can live without the cravings, enjoy a strong metabolism, and live your healthiest life!

For advanced body support, I understand the brain/body balance that can be achieved using Young Living essential oils. From the cleansing power of lemon essential oil to help rid toxins from your body, to the soothing properties of lavender to help calm emotions and stress, I can help you select and utilize pure essential oils to best support your weight management and health needs!

Reach out to Jason to learn more!

Alexis Winters

Natural Beauty Coach

For 10 years, I’ve been coaching and helping women find beauty and radiance the natural way! I can help you reclaim your hair’s natural glory through replenishing, strengthening, and improving manageability. I will also guide and coach you on the methods, products, and protocols needed to achieve healthy, clear skin, longer lashes, and an overall gorgeous glow!

  • Imagine having strong, healthy hair with no more breaking, damage, or tangles!
  • Imagine being able to revitalize and renew your skin and hair, and erase years of damage!
  • Imagine saying goodbye to blemishes, lines, and turning back the clock on your skin!
  • Imagine not having to worry about the chemicals you’re putting on your skin and hair, wondering if they are safe or if they’re damaging your looks and even your health!

I understand the balance between health on the inside and how it shows on the outside. When you’re stressed, fatigued, or struggling with chronic health, this all shows through on the outside. I can help you turn back the clock and help you put your best beautiful face forward!

Using Young Living Essential Oils, I can help you support both your physical and emotional health so your inner radiance will shine through your bright eyes, glowing skin, and shining, natural hair! Why damage your hair, your skin, and your health with dangerous chemicals and toxins when you can look and feel your best with pure essential oils that smell delightful and feel incredible? From uplifting your spirit to soothing irritated skin, essential oils can support all aspects of your health and beauty regimen safely and naturally!

Reach out to Alexis to learn more!

Get ready to embrace the power of essential oils!

Do you wish you could ditch medicines and chemicals and enjoy a more natural way to achieve health?

Did you know that the key to whole mind and body wellness can be found in the naturally distilled oils of plants?

Are you ready to try a safer, more natural way to look and feel your absolute best?

Join us both to learn about the incredible power of essential oils and how they can support your emotional health, weight management, beauty, and wellness journey!

For years, we’ve used Essential Oils for our own health and for our clients to help them achieve improved physical and emotional wellness. Now, we want to share the joys and benefits of essential oils with you!

Why use Young Living Essential Oils?

We’re the best because we practice a SEED to SEAL approach giving you the PUREST essential oils known to man. Our oils can be used to support and promote all aspects of health! Whether you are seeking…

  • Safe and natural products to add to your beauty regimen
  • Weight management and improved health

  • To reduce and soothe stress
  • To feel energized naturally, without using stimulants
  • To promote a clean, healthy home
  • To live naturally, free from chemicals and toxins

Essential oils can transform EVERY area of your life!

Essential oils are naturally distilled from plants and have been used for centuries to treat all types of illnesses and symptoms, improve hair and skin health, and even balance emotions! From diffusing them to create transforming aromas or using them to create powerful massage oils and roll-on treatments, essential oils are nature’s way of promoting a healthier, uplifted life!

  • Imagine breathing in a delightful aroma and immediately improving your mood and spirit!
  • Imagine rubbing a gentle, aromatic oil on your skin and experiencing alleviation from debilitating symptoms and discomforts!
  • Imagine being able to toss out the dangerous chemicals in your bathroom cabinet and under your sink and use safe, natural, plant-based oils in your health and beauty regimens!
  • Imagine being able to use essential oils to support you on your weight management, and health journey!

You can enjoy it ALL.

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